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We are the Wholesale provider of wide format print media in Australia. We have a dominant position in the New Zealand and North American markets, and in recent years have brought our services to Australia. We link you directly to the manufacturer. You too can benefit from wholesale pricing direct!

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PVC-free Future Banner

Carrflex® Future Banner is our range of PVC-free materials developed specifically for wide format digital print. The future of print is now!

Our technical understanding of various polymers, base fabrics and manufacturing techniques, has ensured we can offer a PVC-free alternative to the traditional products used in key applications.

Carrflex® Future Banner Lite

360gsm Frontlit (UV print only).

Carrflex® Future Banner Lite is the go-to product for PVC-free campaign billboard work. Striking the balance between a cost-effective product that does the job to the level printers and installers have become accustomed. Made from Polyester base fabric with Polypropylene (PP) coating. Printable with UV ink only.


Carrflex® Future Banner Premium

320gsm Frontlit.

Carrflex® Future Banner Premium looks, feels and performs similarly to regular coated PVC banners, with a smooth print surface for a premium look. Made from Polyester base fabric with an acrylic coating (PA), it neither contains any PVC nor any of the harsh plasticizers associated with PVC products. Printable with both UV & latex inks.


Carrflex® Future Banner Mesh

180gsm Mesh.

Carrflex® Future Banner Mesh looks, feels and performs just like regular tight-knit PVC mesh – but with a true environmental edge. Made from Polyester base fabric with acrylic (PA) coating. Printable with both UV & latex inks.


Carrflex® Future Banner Blockout 2 Side

330gsm Blockout (2 side printable).

Carrflex® Future Banner Blockout is an alternative to our 440gsm PVC blockout (indoor), lightweight with an ultra-smooth print surface. Made from Polyester base fabric with a polyurethane coating (PU). Printable with both UV and latex inks. Produced with FR to European fire standard B1.


PVC Banner Vinyls

Our technical knowledge and input with the factories in customising our range of PVC banner vinyl’s gives us a distinct advantage. Our product is made specifically to a customers requirements, also taking into account the environment the product is going into. Our huge global buying power makes us the most competitively priced in the market while offering top quality product.

Finishing Machines and Consumables →

Carrflex® 420gsm Frontlit (NZ Billboard)

Premium coated PVC specifically designed for New Zealand’s billboards. The ultra smooth print surface for superior printing, increased life for multiple applications as well as being soft and easy to install. The grey back coating acts like a blockout, the white back is available for short term backlit application.


Carrflex® 440gsm Frontlit (Matte & Gloss)

Superb entry level product, suitable for a broad range of uses. Laminated PVC makes a cost effective product which is widely used across the industry. One of the few products approved and specified for Australian Billboards.


Carrflex® 510gsm Frontlit (Premium)

Premium coated PVC for long life applications, designed to outlast common frontlit PVC. Superior coating adhesion extends the life of the product, can better handle high wind exposure. Ultra smooth surface for top end print quality and finish.

Carrflex® 440gsm Blockout (Indoor)

Light weight coated USB (Ultra Smooth Blockout). Printable both sides. Ideal for a range of indoor applications, also popular for roll up banners. Produced with FR to European fire standard B1.


Carrflex® 560gsm Blockout (Outdoor)

Coated Blockout specifically designed with strength & durability in mind. Printable both sides and light enough for the testing application of banner poles.

Carrflex® 810gsm Blockout (Outdoor)

Heavy weight coated USB (Ultra Smooth Blockout), printable both sides. The increased fabric strength makes this durable long life product suitable for both indoor and outdoor applications.

Carrflex® 560gsm Backlit

Fire retardant (B1 standard) and ultra smooth finish for top print results. Suitable for shop hoardings through to large scale billboards. Specifically designed not to harbor moisture which can lead to mould and imperfections showing through.

Maintaining premium quality print media textiles with our manufacturing partners.

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We have made it easy to choose the right mesh by using the attached mesh comparison chart. Variables include ink/printer type, wind exposure, image quality required, durability and impact!

Our range covers:
  • Fence wrap
  • Building wrap
  • Printed scaffold
  • Signage
  • Event and construction grades
Fire Retardant PVC Mesh

Carrflex® PVC Mesh is available in a fire retardant option. Using a formulation of fire-resistant PVC Mesh, this product inhibits the spread of flame.

Designed for digital printing, Carrflex® FR PVC Mesh is ideal for use on scaffolding and construction temp fencing.

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Carr Group contributes to an Australian-first for fire-rated mesh

Working together with Cactus Imaging & Wideopen Platform, Carr Group has created a fire-rated mesh designed specifically for the digital print industry in Australia.

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Finishing Machines and Consumables →

Carrflex® 260gsm Mesh (Tight)

This mesh construction is specifically chosen for image quality & high strength while maintaining ideal air permeability. Formulated for long term UV exposure with the option to upgrade to building wrap standard.

Also available with removable liner, the clean option for printers not set up for mesh printing. The liner also allows suction for automated cutting tables.

CODE: BMS26 (Standard, no liner)
CODE: BML26 (With liner)
CODE: BMH26 (Pre-hem)

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Carrflex® 200gsm Mesh (Open)

A more open mesh allows more wind to pass through. Perfect for fences with high wind exposure.

Also available with removable liner, the clean option for printers not set up for mesh printing. The liner also allows suction for automated cutting tables.

CODE: BMS20 (Standard, no liner)
CODE: BML20 (With liner)
CODE: BMH20 (Pre-hem)

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Carrflex® Pre-hemmed Mesh

Save time and money with Carr pre-hemmed mesh! We have set up a welding factory through our Carr China office, we produce 1.6m and 1.8m finished mesh for fence application with the 40mm hem already welded top and bottom. The additional thickness of the welded layer is not significant and does not affect printing, only eyeletting required post printing for the finished product.

Carrflex® 115gsm Polyester Mesh

Commonly referred to as ‘Air Mesh’ or ‘Poly Mesh’. Our perforated polyester mesh is printed in volume for temporary fence hoardings and coverings. The key use is promotion, however this mesh also offers privacy.

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Australian-first for fire-rated mesh

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Polyester fabric printing has been identified as the future of the wide format print industry, both sublimation and inkjet printers will have seen this trend. Being early adopters in this exciting growth area our extensive and growing range keeps us at the front of the pack. By listening to our customers we continue to develop new products for a variety of soft signage applications.


Finishing Machines and Consumables →

Carrflex® 110gsm Polyester Standard Flag Knit

At 110gsm, this product allows great strike through and offers a competitive price point. A volume selling item used in multiple promotional campaigns.


Carrflex® 115gsm Polyester Mesh

Commonly referred to as ‘Air Mesh’ or ‘Poly Mesh’. Our perforated polyester mesh is printed in volume for temporary fence hoardings and coverings. The key use is promotion, however this mesh also offers privacy.

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Carrflex® 180gsm Polyester Silk Banner

Smooth silk finish with bright yarn fibres. Available in narrow and wide width makes this suitable for a range of indoor promotional banners with an effective eye catching look.


Carrflex® 230gsm Polyester DisplayPro Matte

Matte finish with increased weight makes this product well suited to various indoor and outdoor banner applications. The competitive price just one of the perks for this versatile product.


Carrflex® 230gsm Polyester DisplayPro Merit

This stretch frame fabric is a favourite throughout the industry due to moderate levels of bi-directional stretch and it’s competitive price. Width options of 1.8m, 2.5m and 3.2m sets this as the go-to for stretch frames. We also sell various profiles of silicon edge.

Produced with FR to US fire standard NFPA:701.


Carrflex® 260gsm Polyester Backlit Aura

Evenly spread back light disbursement with great colour pop make this a fantastic backlit fabric. The tight smooth surface gives great print results without pinholing.

Produced with FR to US fire standard NFPA:701.


Carrflex® 175gsm Polyester Blockout (Silver Back)

Some banner and display applications require a level of blockout while still remaining light weight. The optically white print surface and subtle blockout make this a unique and premium product. Ideal for back to back applications such as wind blades and teardrop banners.


Carrflex® 250gsm Polyester Blockout (Triple Weave)

Regarded by transfer sublimation printers as the best true double sided polyester fabric. Good white point on both sides, with a blockout centre layer makes this the right product for high end two side print.

Tested to Australian fire standard AS/NZS1530 Part 3.


Carrflex® 330gsm Polyester Blockout (Grey Back)

A premium product! With an ultra smooth bright silk surface, and the dark grey blockout back print surface. This produces high end quality prints and has B1 Fire Retardant rating to make a suitable product for even the fussiest client.


Carrflex® 260gsm Polyester Blockout Nero

Harnessing European technology, the black back has multi purpose applications. Suitable for stretch frames, blockout applications and teardrop banners. Fire Retardant (B1 standard) treated.


Carrflex® 380gsm Polyester Décor Element

A white linen look polyester décor fabric for soft furnishing applications.


Carrflex® 380gsm Polyester Décor Nature

Natural upholstery polyester décor fabric for soft furnishing applications.


Carrflex® 570gsm Polyester Décor Prestige

White upholstery polyester décor fabric for soft furnishing applications.


Self Adhesives

Sourcing from around the globe, we specify directly with the factory. Why pay for the brand name surcharge?

Outside of our core range, we can customise specifically for you, whatever it be super wide 2.0m vinyl or your own brand of SAV (self-adhesive vinyl). We are the true wholesale suppliers.

Carrflex® Promotional SAV (Self Adhesive Vinyl)

A volume selling item, great for short term applications and clean removal. Flat and mild curved surfaces such as real estate signage, shop windows & promotional transit advertising. High quality release liner for great lay flat.

Available with grey or clear adhesives, matching gloss & matte laminates.


Carrflex® One Way Vision (OWV)

High quality polymeric film (black on white laminated) for long life. Easily removable and versatile for transit or shop front windows. The option for high density PE coated paper liner (Latex & Solvent), or unique perforated additional liner (UV) for unclogged holes when removing makes any print type hassle free.

Matching ultra transparent PET laminate available.


Flatbed UV printers and screen printers alike will benefit from our unique but price competitive rigid sheet options. We offer custom sheet sizes, guages and product types.

Carrflex® 2.7mm Media Board, 700gsm

Dimensionally stable PP sheet, printable both sides. The three-layer bubble construction with blockout core gives multidirectional strength for cutting and folding with V-Groove in any direction.

Commonly specified on corporate campaign work, this is a premium option to compete against top grade foamed PVCs.


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