Eyeleting Solutions

Specialising in pneumatic machines, we are able to provide our customers with equipment that is best suited to their specific requirements. Also, If you find yourself in the rare situation of requiring support, our experienced service technicians understand the impact lost production time can have on your business, so are readily available to assist with any issues.



Grommets and Grommet Setting Machines

We offer a variety of industrial machines to suit your requirements. From manual machines for shorter runs through to high speed automatic pneumatic machines we have the solution for you.

Our Stainless steel eyelets are sheet eyelets, not self piercing. This means you are not relying on the thin eyelet to cut through your material, instead our robust die sets precut the hole, and our eyelet and toothed washer lock on tight.

Manual Lever Grommet Setting Machine

Robust manual press with the ability to set hard wearing stainless steel eyelets. One die set will pre cut the hole and set the eyelet and washer.

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Portable Pneumatic Grommet Setting Machines

Designed to increase productivity of low volume settings, after manually placing eyelet and washer, the powerful pneumatic ram cuts the hole and sets eyelets in one motion. The light-weight design allows for portable operation.

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Automatic Pneumatic Grommet Setting Machines

Powerful, fast and safe setting action ideal for high volume settings. Effortless sets eyelets with washers in one operation, the foot press keeps your hands free to handle the material, you can set up to 38 eyelets & washers per minute!

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Grommets & Washers

By specialising in Stainless Steel but also offering brass and other finishes, the CARR Group offers a wide range of eyelets sizes and types that are of the highest quality yet competitively priced.

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Curtain Eyelets and Setting Machines

Offering both manual and pneumatic machine variants, we are able to provide our customers with equipment that is best suited to their specific curtain eyelet setting requirements.

Manual Lever Eyelet Setting Machine

ML1 Eyelet Setting Machine. Robust manual press with the ability to set large curtain eyelets.

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Curtain Eyelets

With a wide range of curtain eyelet styles, sizes and finishes available, we can provide our customers with the right eyelets to make impressive window furnishing to suit any requirement and the most discerning tastes.

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