Australian-first for fire-rated mesh

Photo Source: Wideopen Platform

Carr Group contributes to an Australian-first for fire-rated mesh

Australian health and safety authorities have brought into effect new fire retardant laws which now make it increasingly more difficult to attach anything onto a building, including signage!

The new regulations were in part a response to a spate of construction site fires in Sydney’s CBD, where scaffolding mesh and building wrap products were found to have fueled the blazes.

The new safety laws have proven to be a challenge for printers across the country in recent times, as they search for a media that delivers a high level of fire protection and also provides reliable ink adhesion properties.

It’s a challenge, that is, until they discover Carr Group’s new FR Mesh!

Working together with Cactus Imaging & Wideopen Platform, Carr Group have created a fire-rated mesh designed specifically for the digital print industry in Australia.

Cactus Imaging, a leader in grand format printing, has produced the first building wrap in Australia that conforms to the new fire safety standards. Situated at Sydney Airport, the 1,957sqm wrap was “a breeze to print” on Carr Group’s new PVC FR mesh, says Keith Ferrel of Cactus Imaging.

This is currently the largest piece of print in the country and was produced for a new player in the local large format market, Wideopen Platform.

With increased levels of FR, it took major refinement in the formulation to create a product with the right balance of key properties. Maintaining a Printable, weldable product, with good tear and tensile strength, were also crucial to this product’s success.

Throughout this project, Carr Group’s FR mesh product has undergone exhaustive testing, scoring highly with local standard AS/NZS 1530: Part II & III. The media passed inspections by both Airport Building Control and NSW Planning Approvals prior to its use in this massive building wrap.

Carrflex® Premium Mesh FR is amongst a range of items we can offer which have been produced with FR additive and tested to the local standard.

In addition to fire resistant PVC Mesh, we offer a range of PVC banner vinyl and polyester textiles produced with FR and tested to the local standard AS/NZS 1530: Part II & III.

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