The Industrial Wholesale Suppliers

CARR Group are solutions providers to a number of fabrication sectors. To complement our range of technical and industrial textiles, membranes and substrates, our offering extends to various fabrication equipment and associated consumables. We primarily operate within the following industry sectors: Healthcare, Protective Garment, Grand Format Print and Industrial Textiles.

Print-e Textiles Optimised for Digital Printing

Green Initiative

An innovative environmental programme by Carr Group. 

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Qualified overseas manufacturers, reliable and secure suppliers.

We work alongside our customers, gaining practical knowledge and offering solutions for various applications.

We have committed significant time and research to qualifying overseas manufacturers, testing and securing reliable suppliers. Today we import significant volumes with strong growth. With our knowledge across a broad range of fabricating industries our customers often draw on that for various issues they are facing. As we work alongside our key clients we continue to grow and broaden our product range. We have a sales office and warehousing in Sydney and Melbourne in Australia, Haining in China, Auckland in New Zealand and Swansea, Massachusetts, in the USA.

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