Green Initiative

An innovative environmental programme by Carr Group. 

Carr Group is committed to our CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) plan. We aim to become a recognised leader in reducing environmental impact within the principal industries in which we participate.

To achieve this goal, we’re proud to introduce the Green Initiative. A division within Carr Group, the Green Initiative represents the development of various programmes and products which all have a positive impact on the environment.

Universal to all programmes within the Green Initiative, Carr Group will act as a central hub for its primary industries to:

  • facilitate a central bulk collection point for our customers, where end-of-life goods and in-house production waste are received back to Carr for inclusion into this initiative
  • sort goods and integrate them into our various approved environmentally friendly avenues

Landfill Diversion & Fossil Fuel Offsetting

Ready to roll out now, this programme within our Green Initiative is a world-first in the wide format digital print industry. We’re reclaiming print media waste and repurposing it as a fossil fuel alternative. When you use our approved PVC-free print media products, your business directly benefits in two distinct ways:

  • Waste diverted from landfill
  • Fossil Fuel Offset programme
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Circular Economy Recycling

The Circular Economy Recycling programme identifies suitable products which can be collected, recycled and produced into new products. These new products will use the same material type, however, after the recycling process, the material grade will not be high enough to re-manufacture into the same print grade product. Instead, raw recycled material will be used in other industries to create a variety of new products.

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Closed Loop Recycling

This programme is currently under development within Carr’s Green Initiative.

The Closed Loop Recycling programme will fundamentally be the same as the Circular Economy Recycling programme, however, the recycled material remains high quality so can be reproduced into the original product for re-use in the exact same industry.

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PVC Repurposing

This programme is currently under development within Carr’s Green Initiative.

Our core industries use volumes of PVC with supporting base fabric. In many applications, this type of product is still the only suitable product which can perform to the market requirements. However given the embedded base fabric, it presents major issues for recycling, with goods currently ending up in landfill.

Carr is currently engaged and working with industry bodies who are developing market-leading technology to address this.

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Positive Environmental Impact