Green Initiative

We are committed to making changes to protect the future of our planet.


The Green Initiative is about challenging what we have always done.

We at The Carr Group are committed to contributing to economic, social and environmental change within the principal industries in which we participate, by offering more sustainable options to our customers.

While there is still a lot of work to be done, by making better decisions within our team and collaborating with like-minded stakeholders, together, we will have a positive environmental impact.

Our range of PVC-free products includes the ‘Carrflex® Future Banner range’ for wide format digital print, and we continue to develop exciting products in this space. These can be recycled in end-of-life programmes such as our ‘Product to Post’ Landfill Diversion Programme, currently operational in New Zealand. This is part of the ‘Green Initiative’ by the Carr Group, which contribute toward our sustainability goals.

Positive Environmental Impact