Green Initiative

An innovative environmental programme by Carr Group. 

Carr Group is committed to meeting our Corporate Social Responsibilities (CSR). We aim to become leaders in not only advocating for, but contributing to economic, social and environmental change within the principal industries in which we participate.

To achieve this goal, we are proud to introduce the Green Initiative. The Green Initiative represents a suite of programmes and the development of products which can and will have a positive impact on the environment.

Each programme within the Green Initiative will have a core function of diverting goods away from landfill. Carr Group intends to regularly report this information, amongst other commercially usable data, to its participating customers to demonstrate how they are effectively enhancing their corporate social responsibility programme.

Within the Green Initiative, Carr Group will act as a central hub for its primary industries where we can:

  • facilitate a central bulk collection point, where end-of-life goods and in-house production waste are collated for inclusion into this initiative
  • sort and process the goods, and record commercially useable data before diverting the approved goods into at least one of our environmentally friendly programmes

Waste to Fuel

This programme is central to our Green Initiative. It sees approved products and end of life goods converted into a Processed Engineered Fuel (PEF) which can be used as a substitute to fossil fuel (typically coal).

This programme complies with the requirements of the Australian Government’s Clean Energy Regulator under the Emissions Reduction Fund.

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Circular Economy Recycling

Carr Group is working with various entities to provide solutions that see approved products taken from in-house factory waste, as well as end of life campaign goods, and processed back into alternative goods.

Examples of alternative goods can be storage bins, shipping pallets, composite decking, floor tiles, outdoor furniture.

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Positive Environmental Impact