Waste to Fuel

A world-first in the digital print industry.

Through our innovation and development, approved products can be used as an alternative fuel that complies with the requirements of the Australian Government’s Clean Energy Regulator under the Emissions Reduction Fund.

Approved products and end of life goods are collated, sorted and processed. Goods can then be shredded, co-mingled with wood pulp and bailed. The resulting product is a Processed Engineered Fuel (PEF).

This repurposed product is supplied as an alternative fuel source for burning within Cement Kilns where coal is the primary fuel. Our PEF can offset as much a 30% of overall coal usage, and burns at a Calorific Value of 26 Megajoules per kilogram.

How does this benefit your organisation?

Carr will collate and record commercially useable data, and can provide relevant data for your company. This can be used to enhance your Corporate Social Responsibility goals, as well as providing valuable marketing and promotional material.

Participants of our Waste to Fuel programme will receive data on:

  • Volume diverted from landfill in cubic meters
  • Coal offset in kilograms

Positive Environmental Impact